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      A ninety-minute dvd of music and scholarship


Following on from Inganno, we are working on a ninety-minute DVD expected to feature all the seven-part works in Willaert's Musical Nova, both secular and sacred, plus Ricercars a4 by Padovano, Parrabosco, and Segni - Willaert's contemporaries and pupils.


In recognition of Philip’s pre-eminence  in this field, and of the performances of THE INTREPID ACADEMY, Gerald and Annabel Malton intend to commission the video and accompanying CD. The DVD will include sixty minutes of performance, and also documentary filmed in Venice, in which Philip will introduce the music and its place in the centre of Venetian culture – involving everyone from the aristocratic literary lion Pietro Bembo to the virtuoso Silvestro Ganassi, the son of a barber from Bergamo.


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